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Ain't it Cool News Discussion
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On September 11, we got drunk.....

A new film by Joe Leonard

Original score by Kaki King


Hey all,

There is a comedy out called, “Meet The Mobsters”. It’s pretty funny.

Check out the trailer

Confessions of a converse wearing geek [userpic]

Night is Day - Scotland's First Superhero

Night is Day is a brand new webseries from a group of Scottish filmmakers. The first series is made up of 6 episodes, the first 5 lasting 10-15 minutes long while the last episode will be 25 minutes long.

The series follows Jason Mackenzie, a young Glaswegian who is fed up with his bad luck and seeks out a mystic, Ames, to change his fortune. Ames sees great potential in Jason and bestows him with the power of foresight. However now when Jason touches anybody, a spark of electricity from Jason connects with the person and Jason is left reeling with a mind numbing vision of how that person is going to die. Jason also learns quickly that if he holds on to a person long enough, a surge of electricity will come from his body into the person he is touching - meaning Jason can never be close to anybody ever again.

Jason's luck changes once again when he meets Amy, a young student journalist who is saved by Jason. Grateful, Amy allows Jason to return to her flat and as she heals his wounds, Jason tells Amy how he became a vigilante.

Episodes 1 and 2 are now online. Episode 1 is free to watch while episode 2 is only £1. Or you can subscribe to the entire first series for £5 and we'll give you a signed copy of the DVD.

Photos, interviews, trailers and more can be found at http://www.nightisday.moonfruit.com

We hope you'll check it out.

smallerdemon [userpic]

You know, I'm not sure why this really just hit me today, but it did. Why isn't there an Ain't It Cool News podcast? Is it just scheduling and geographical separation? Bandwidth concerns?

I ask because I have been playing with my iChat AV and GarageBand Podcast features and it's ridiculously easy to do live voice chats and recording them... well, if everyone is using a Mac it is. But I think Harry is a Mac user, and Mori as well. Not sure about Capone. Although I think Massawyrm may be a PC user due to his gaming addictions. :)


Ellenore [userpic]

Are any of you guys going to Fantastic Fest? If so, what are you really looking forward to?

smallerdemon [userpic]

FYI film fans living in the South, the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival is next month. Starting one month from today in fact!

They have a MySpace page HERE. They will be announcing the schedule of films tomorrow.

I have been to two of them before, the first one and the sixth one, and it's a great festival.

I'll be going this year too, so if anyone else is interested in meeting up, let me know. I'll almost certainly be writing up anything interesting I see and submitting to Harry for possible posting on the side.

cargill [userpic]

On a Banjo? No seriously. Someone spent time on this? Oh god.


cargill [userpic]

Well, I usually don't post this stuff, but occasionaly something cool comes my way that's not quite big enough for AICN. Usually I just take a gander before deleting it. But this time I had to share, as I know there's a metric shit ton of Sarah Michelle Geller fans that this my page - so for you, I present the press release and a photo for The Return! (not to be confused with the Hong Kong actioner, the Returner.)

About the film:

A new supernatural thriller starring Sarah Michelle Gellar ("The Grudge," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") as Joanna Mills, a tough young Midwesterner determined to learn the truth behind the increasingly terrifying supernatural visions that have been haunting her. Joanna has made a successful career for herself, as sales representative for a trucking company. But her private life has been difficult; estranged from her father (Sam Shepard), stalked by an obsessed ex-boyfriend (Adam Scott), and with few friends, Joanna fears that she is losing control. She sees and feels the brutal murder of a young woman she’s never met, at the hands of a heartless killer - a man who appears to be making Joanna his next target. Determined to fight back, Joanna is guided by her nightmares to the murdered woman’s hometown. Once there, she will discover that some secrets can’t be buried; some spirits never die; and that the murder she is trying to solve may be her own.

Director: Asif Kapadia ("The Warrior")
Writer: Adam Sussman
Cast: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kate Beahan, Peter O’Brien, Adam Scott, Sam Shepard
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 85 minutes
Dolby SR/SRD/DTS; Scope

Or click here for bigness!

Ellenore [userpic]

Spoilers for the You, Me, and Dupree movie/AICN reviewCollapse )

cargill [userpic]

Holy crap this is a nifty trailer. It's a film coming out this fall here in the states, and yes...it really will look like that. Animated Noir Sci-fi goodness. It's like a hyper stylized Blade Runner kind of thing. Looks like what a lot of people hope Scanner Darkly will be. Very fucking awesome.

Renaissance It's in a shitty format, but very much worth a look.

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