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Welcome to Ain't It Cool News LJ edition! It's talkback without actually being Talkback. Wanna discuss the stories of the day, AICN events or have questions about what's up with AICN? Wanna meet fellow AICNers? This is the place to do it on LJ.

This is an open community, but be wary. We go by the general rules of AICN around here. Don't be an ass or we'll kick ya. This is a place for reasoned debate and discussion. Have fun, kick back and geek out.

Rules of the Board

1) All SPOILERS are to appear behind an LJ Cut - this is the most important rule of the Community.

2) We ask that all entries longer than 3 paragraphs have an LJ cut for the sake of the sanity of the community members.

3) On Thursday Night or sometime Friday, feel free to post a discussion thread on any film opening (if a moderator doesn't do it first.) However, please post two entries - one marked SPOILER, the other SPOILER FREE. This will allow community members to discuss the films with the level of detail they want. Posts with spoilers in non-spoiler threads will be deleted with extreme prejudice.

4) Feel free to link or post about any stories found on AICN - just take a gander and check if there's already one on the page first. Let's try to avoid double posts if at all possible.

5) While this is an AICN discussion page, that by no means restricts the discussion exclusively to AICN reviews or stories only. Just try to keep it related.

6) If I catch a single one of you even daring to start a Star Wars vs. Matrix vs. Lord of the Rings thread, I will beat you with a 19lb Catfish. 'nuff said.

7) Just be as cool as you can to your fellow geeks. What I love about AICN is that it brings together a vast amount of people who can all share in their singular, sometimes very passionate, love of Film, TV and all things geek. Let's try to allow that to bring us together rather than push us apart. Keep that spirit in mind when dealing with other members of the community, no matter how big a Mo-tard they are being at the moment.

8) If you have any questions or comments about the community, please feel free to contact any one of the moderators.